Ekikara Hiking in Echigoyuzawa application form

・ Please select "New application" if this is your first time to apply. Please select "Revise registered details" if you want to alter the details of your registration. For those wishing to cancel their application, please select “Cancel registered details.”
・ You can only register for this hiking tour during the specified period. Please check the dates carefully.
・ Please fill in the form in English. Kindly be aware that our mail replying to you will be in English only.
・ After completion of the application, an application completion notice email will be sent to the email address that you entered. Please update your settings so that you can receive emails from the @qooker.jp domain.

: Required Items
1. Place a checkmark next to either "New application", "Revise registered details" or " Cancel registered details". / 請勾選『第一次報名』、『變更登錄內容』或『取消登錄內容』。/ 请勾选"新申请"、"更改注册内容"或"取消注册内容"之一。/‘신규 신청’, ‘등록 내용 변경’ 또는 ‘등록 내용을 취소’ 중 하나에 체크해 주십시오.
2. Name / 姓名 / 姓名 / 성명

3. Email address / 電子信箱 / 邮箱地址 / 메일 주소

(Please fill in again for confirmation.)

4. Nationality / 國籍 / 国籍 / 국적

5. Date you wish to participate in the hiking tour / 希望參加日 / 希望参加日期 / 희망 참가일
Select a date from Thursday, June 1 to Sunday, November 12, 2017.
6. Number of participants / 參加人數 / 参加人数 / 참가 인원수

7. Types of passes and tickets to JR Echigo-Yuzawa Station | 至JR越後湯澤站的周遊券、車票的種類 | 前往JR越后汤泽站的通票・车票种类 | JR에치고유자와역까지의 패스·승차권 종류

E.g.: JR EAST PASS(Nagano,Niigata area)
8. Your purpose in visiting Japan / 來日本的目的 / 到日本的目的 / 일본 방문 목적
9. The length of your stay in Japan / 在日本的停留期間 / 在日本的逗留时间 / 일본에서의 체류 기간
10. Where you are staying in Japan / 停留地點 / 逗留地点 / 체류 장소

11. Please participate in this event on your own responsibility. We assume no responsibility for any injury, sickness and accident, etc. during the event. / 參加本活動,請自負全責。參加過程中,若受傷、生病或發生意外等,本公司概不負責。 / 本次活动中的一切风险由参加者本人承担。如在活动过程中发生受伤、疾病或事故等意外,敝公司将不承担一切责任。 / 본 이벤트는 각자의 자기 책임하에 참가해 주십시오.참가 중의 부상, 발병, 사고 등에 대해서 폐사는 일체 책임을 지지 않습니다.

[Our handling of personal information]

The personal information provided with your application is only used to confirm your registration. We will never use it for any other purpose, or provide or reveal it to any third party.

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